Government Relations Committee 

Committee Charge  

The Advocacy Committee shall plan and implement the work of the corporation as it relates to involvement in the legislative processes at the state, local, and national levels. 

The Advocacy Committee is hereby charged with the following duties: 

  • Develop an advocacy strategy and plan that will better position the Community Colleges for funding and other needs; 
  • Poll the Chair and Vice Chair of each Board to obtain feedback on the advocacy strategy; 
  • Finalize the draft advocacy strategy and plan (with timeline) so it can be shared with NYCCAP at its June meeting; 
  • Assist the Executive Director in advocacy efforts, including meetings with Legislators; and 
  • Assist with the development of Community College Advocacy Day.  

Chair: The Chair of the Government Relations Committee is George Cushman from Finger Lakes Community College. 

Meetings: Meetings shall take place as necessary and as convened by the Chair in order to meet the deadlines stated in the Charge. 

Quorum: Pursuant to the Association’s By-Laws, a majority of the membership of any committee of the corporation shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business.  

Minutes: Minutes for each meeting, whether in-person or conference call, shall be taken by the Government Relations Secretary, or in her absence, by a member of the Committee. Draft minutes shall be disseminated to the Committee Members within a reasonable timeframe. Minutes of each meeting shall be approved by the Committee Members at the next meeting date. 

Budget: All costs and expenses to be incurred by the Advocacy Committee must receive prior approval from the Chair of the Association. Such request shall be put in writing and emailed to the Chair and the Executive Director prior to being expended. 

Committee Members 

George Cushman, (Chair), Finger Lakes Community College (Trustee)

Grant Valentine, (Secretary) Rockland Community College (Trustee)

Diana Kastenbaum, Genesee Community College (Trustee)

Margaret Cornell, Jamestown Community College (Trustee)

Mary Alice Panek, Genesee Community College (Trustee)

James Testani, SUNY Broome Community College (Trustee)

Wendy Waters, Mohawk Valley Community College (Trustee)

Alan S. Winston, Corning Community College (Trustee)

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